Objective: To broaden the understanding of the nature, purposes and benefits of Global Government Affairs and to demonstrate how Global Government Affairs strategies are implemented in practice.

GlobalGovAffairs.com provides a comprehensive, coherent forum with which to drive the subject of Global Government Affairs forward by publishing authoritative, peer-reviewed articles as well as news, debates, interviews, literature reviews, case studies and special features. It provides an international forum where practitioners, academic researchers, consultants, students, governments and the wider public can debate these issues and learn about best practice.

  • To highlight to foreign audiences what your company already does and to integrate each activity into the wider context of your company’s interests and values
  • To develop the relationship-building dimension of global government affairs through wide and more targeted educational and exchange programs
  • To build a research and analysis capacity to ‘listen’ to foreign authorities, to understand them better, and toe valuate the efficiency of your company’s global government affairs activities
  • To create an horizontal strategy and an institutional mechanism devoted to integrating disparate strands of corporate activities in the field of global government affairs.

GlobalGovAffairs.com is a website which is relevant to:

  • Practitioners
  • Public Diplomats
  • Policy Makers
  • Academic and Researchers in place public affairs studies, scholars of international politics, international relations, globalization studies, economics, international marketing, diplomatic studies and global communications
  • Ministries (Foreign Affairs, Ministers, Ambassadors and their staff working in international relations, public diplomacy, media relations, press offices and public affairs)
  • Other Government Ministries (Tourism, Foreign Direct Investment, Major Events, Culture, Regions, Industry, Exports, Economic Affairs, Development and Education, Other agencies dealing with Foreign Policy such as think tanks, policy advisors, foundations, diplomatic academies, embassies and consulates)
  • Civil Servants
  • Consultants
  • Cultural Institutes and foundations
  • Regional and city governments; mayoral offices; regional, cantonal, state and city tourism, economic and development agencies
  • Communications Agencies; Tourism and Investment Consultants
  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Non-Governmental Organizations seeking to engage a foreign audience
  • Citizens
  • Media
  • Social Partners
  • Businesses
  • Opinion Leaders
  • Students